Email Readings

Soul readings are readings from your guides in spirit, that can help you understand your experience.

Your guides can see the whole arc of your life, and help you see the main lesson of this lifetime.

Seeing things from their perspective can accelerte your inner growth.

I have written many soul readings for people over the years.  Below is a testimonial from one of these people about her reading:

Thank you so much for the most beautiful reading I think I’ve ever had. 

As for most people, the last few years have been quite difficult and turbulent for me, and I have consulted a few other psychics/readers too over this time. However, your readings have been the only consistently integral and profound ones that feel true to me.  You have a beautiful gift and you use it with such kindness and gentleness.

If you would like to receive a soul reading from your guides by email, please contact me for further details at :