Email Readings

Do you have a question for your guides? Would you like to have their perspective on your current life issues and future direction? 

If so, I can ask your guides for a reading.  

I have provided written readings from guides for many people over the last fifteen years.  

Although I ask people to name a particular issue they want guidance on, the guides often have insight into your life as a whole, and its various challenges.  Their advice is always truthful and helpful.  

What you have to do

Email me at

with your name and mobile phone number.

I will then call you on whats app and discuss with you any issue on which you would like the guides’ perspective.

After the phone call I will contact my guides and ask them to connect with your guides for the reading.  The guides will then share with me any information that they want you to receive.  They transmit this to me in both images and words.  I then write the reading for you.   

If it’s not the best time for you to receive a reading I will not get any information, and I will email you that there will be no reading at this time. (There is no charge for this).

If the reading is going to go ahead, I will let you know and give you further details.

I will then send you the reading by email.

For further information please email me at