Evolving with Spirit

Paperback in English


‘EVOLVING WITH SPIRIT – Working with Guides and Angels’ is a practical guide to using contact with spirit to enrich your everyday life.  It is written for everyone, not just for those who have skills in this area, as contacting your guides and angels is something that everyone can learn. 

It includes many anecdotes from my own life.  I have been a social worker, counsellor, writer, healer, medium and a singer/songwriter.  My personal experience brings the information to life, and helps you to believe that you too can be in touch with spirit.

Angels, guides and spirit helpers are all around you, waiting for you to receive their guidance, healing and blessing.   Let this book encourage you to open up to the spiritual world, and see what happens. 

ISBN 978-989-53466-1-5 Ring of Grace Publications, 159 pp  Price 11 Euros or £9.50.  Free postage.

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Universal Lessons eBook (Small)


In ‘Universal lessons’ Caroline describes a soul’s journey through the spheres of light, relating the different lessons and challenges along the way. On this journey you visit a spiritual hospital in the Sphere of Healing, a seminar in the Halls of Wisdom, and hear the notes of your soul in the Domes of Harmony.

In the School of Guidance and the Angelic Realms you witness how guides and angels have a healing influence on individuals in different situations on Earth.

‘Universal Lessons’ is available from Amazon in a kindle  version:


ISBN 978-0-9537194-2-6  Ring of Grace Publications, 160 pp, 11 colour illustrations.

Windows on a path to Grace

Windows on a Path to grace is a guidebook for the spiritual journey.  It takes the reader through the steps of the spiritual path, describing each stage, its benefits and dangers.  This book was an attempt to describe what I had learned from my own experience of a formal spiritual path, which I left after fourteen years.

Ring of Grace Publications       ISBN 978-0-95371-94-0-2

Price £8.99  Available from


‘Roses for a Friend – A Treasury of Short Stories on Spiritual Figures of the Past’

‘Roses for a Friend’ is a collection of short stories that were originally published individually in a spiritual magazine. They describe the lives of saints who inspired the author at different stages of her own life.

Includes stories on Francis of Assisi, Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Bernadette of Lourdes and Joan of Arc.

ISBN 978-0-95371-94-19

Ring of Grace Publications  154 pp  10 black and white illustrations       Price £6.99