‘I found this book inspirational. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, this book will take you on a very beautiful and very different journey. It helped me expand my views on many things, and to see the world and other people with kinder eyes and a gentler heart.
Highly recommended!’
Marianne Oberg, massage therapist, Stockholm, Sweden.

‘This book deeply touched my heart and stirred my soul. A truly inspiring read. It made me realize how much I complicate my life, when really it is perfectly simple. ‘
Margaret Gillespie, housekeeper and mystic, London, U.K.

‘I loved it. It is a wonderful journey of the soul with lots of inspirational experiences that the soul goes through. As the events unfold the reader’s spirit travels with it. Well that was the case for me. I would recommend this book to any who are interested in finding out about the soul and its journey.’
J.H. Gilbert, mother & dancer, Southampton, U.K.

‘A beautiful and inspirational journey for all inquiring minds and soul searchers, for everybody really, that loves to travel within. A unique and positive perspective upon life, the human condition and all it´s perks.
A fresh and delightful approach to time, space and light.
A wonderful journey, a magical book to relish and to share with others.
Sofia Palmeiro, garden consultant, Santa Caterina, Portugal.

Universal Lessons – A Journey through the Afterlife is available  to buy from the ‘Books‘ page of this website, from Watkins Books, London and from and

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